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It's hard to imagine the day where we all carry a reusable cup. It's even harder to imagine the day we carry containers, cups and bags. For most people, it's inconvenient, resulting in lost business or single-use waste.

So we created an app for this because smartphones are here to stay.

Borrowing is simple.


  1. Using our app, customers present you with a borrow ticket at the till

  2. It's confirmed with a pin 

  3. Done

The borrow process is efficiently automated by the app, giving customers 5 days to return their cup to any partnering store in our network.

Perfectly stocked.


BorrowCup won't eradicate your single-use cups overnight. Instead, an optimised inventory grows alongside a diminishing reliance on single-use stock.

  • The app provides us with analysis to perfectly optimise the amount of BorrowCups you need.

  • No bulky stock to get in the way.

Returning customers.

By linking our ZeroWaste cups to an app, we're able to drive customers to your store.

The beauty of borrowing, is that customers have to return - It's an organic loyalty scheme to be proud of.

BorrowCup will launch in May

Partner before we launch to trial for free.

✔  No joining fee
✔  Includes your full inventory of BorrowCups

✔  Full support

✔  Cancel any time
✔  3-month free trial
✔  Max. 9p
+ vat per borrow after that

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