The BorrowCup Partnership.

      The problem.

Each year billions of single-use cups are going to waste. Estimates have it around 80 every second in the UK alone.

We wanted to do something about it.

      How it works.

  1. Firstly, we'll set you up on our app & send you some 8oz & 12oz ZeroWaste cups.

  2. Customers use our app to generate a BorrowTicket request.

  3. All you do is validate the ticket with a secure quick-code.

  4. Our app automatically manages the entire process - customers have five days to return the cup for free, to any partner in our network.

  5. Partners take in returns - again by validating a BorrowTicket.

  6. Borrows & returns are generated under one ticket for speed at the till.

  7. Our cups are single moulds of high-grade silicone and quality glass. Dishwasher and hand-wash compatible, they wash up perfectly every time.

  8. Your inventory is analysed automatically against your demand, ensuring your levels are perfect - if not, we'll update with new stock or in rare cases, collection.

      What's in it for partners.

✔ Enjoy unrivalled customer retention and environmental valour.

✔ Get seen by new BorrowCup customers on the app.

✔ Reducing your business' waste.

Single-use cups do not get customers returning - BorrowCup makes sure of it.


✔ Partners can cancel at any time.


Set-up & joining fees

✔ Become a trailblazer partner; we're taking care of this for you.

Service fees

✔ Only pay when cups are borrowed - max. 9p + vat  (rivalling single-use cups)